01. Don Bosco Vidivelli – ALANGULAM


Vidivelli Don Bosco is the institution functioning since 1993 at Alangulam of Virudhunagar District in Tamilnadu. The Salesians of Don Bosco creatively and daringly respond to the signs of times by opting to work for the cause of the child laborers, dropouts and the marginalized poor people.


Parish, Boarding, High School, Primary School, Youth Groups, Self help Groups, Pious Associations, Drop-out prevention Center, Short Term Training Courses, Evening study centres, CFCA, Prison Ministry.

Vision of Alangulam

We the confreres of Don Bosco Melanmarinadu salesian community creatively and daringly respond to the signs of the times by opting to work for the child labourers, dropouts and marginalized youth of this area aiming towards total literacy through schools, boardings, dropout centers and evening night study centers, with a hope of imparting integral education to the poor children and holistic formation to the marginalized youth of this area making them good and honest citizens and agents of social transformation following Don Bosco’s way.

Mission Of Alangulam

To make co-ordinated efforts to prevent child labour and school dropouts.

To offer education to all children in our neighbourhood till atleast 10th std.

To empower the young to get employment.

To provide need based technical skills for the rural youth.

To rescue and rehabilitate the orphans, semi-orphans, refuges and the children who are in the correction home in our locality. (Minor Jail )

Major Activities

  1. High school and Primary school in this backward and rural settings serve the educational needs of the children from poor families.
  2. Dropout Prevention centre prevents child labour by providing food, accommodation, and education.
  3. Self-help groups through micro-credit and income-generating activities improves the economy of the rural poor women.
  4. Short-term training courses increase the poor rural students’ employability and placement opportunities.
  5. Evening study centres improves the learning achievement of the below poverty line children along with educational assistance.

 History of Alangulam

1. Name of the institution: Vidivelli Don Bosco

2. Year of starting: 1993

3. Name of the location when it was started: Sivakasi Don Bosco Maraipani Mayam

4. Original purpose of the institution: Parish Ministry – School Ministry – Child Labour elimination. Drop – outs prevention centre.

5. Original target group: Rural poor youth and children.

6. Original scope of the institution:

Creating a united faith filled Parish community and creatively and daringly respond to the signs of the times by opting to work for the child laborers, drop – outs and the marginalized of this area aiming towards total literacy through our Schools and Boarding.

Details of Conferers






P Arockiadoss Aorckia Monsingh Ad/Ap/Ys (Kalavasal)



P Arockiam John Samuel V/Pp/Cd: Pri.School Dr: Drop-out Centre



S Benjamin James PT 1

P Fernandez George Dn/Tr



P Jacob Sebastian R/Hm/Cd



S Richard Vivek Kumar PT 1

P Vedamuthu Arockiam A



Presentation of institution history

1.  Inauguration of this mission on 24.06.1993.

2.  Contract was signed on 09.08.1993.

3.  Land at Bosco Nagar was bought between 1994 and 1995.

4.  Land was bought at Kottamadakipatty for the chapel in 1994.

5.  Land was bought at Kiliampatty for the chapel 1994.

6.  Chapels at Madankoilpatty and Pazhayapuram were repaired in 1994.

7.  Land at Kalavasal was bought between 1995 and 1996.

8.  Blessing of the Chapel at Kiliampatty on 12.03.1995.

9.  Blessing of the chapel at Kottamadakipatty on 12.03.1995.

10. Chapel at Ramudevanpatty was repaired in 1995.

11. Inauguration of the Salesian Residence at Vidivelli, Kalavasal on 04.02.1996.

12. Boarding was shifted to the land at Bosco Nagar in 1996.

13. Blessing of the chapel at Appayanaickanpatty on 29.04.1997.

14. Foundation stone was blessed for the high school at Bosco Nagar on    18.11.1999.

15. Land was bought at Madankoilpatty for the chapel on 20.03.2000.

16. Land was bought at Duraisamypuram for the chapel on 18.04.2000.

17. Management of the three schools was handed over to the Salesians on 31.07.2000.

18. Blessing of the renovated chapel at Kandiapuram on 08.08.2000.

19. Inauguration of the school building at Bosco Nagar on 26.2.2001.

20. Foundation stone was blessed for the Boarding at Bosco Nagar on 26.2.2001.

21. Foundation stone was laid for the chapel at Duraisamypuram on 15.4.2001.

22. Renovation work for the chapel at Thombakulam began on 24.09.2001.

23. Blessing of the renovated chapel at Melanmmarainadu 24.11.2001.

24. Blessing of the renovated chapel at Thombakullam on 29.01.2002.

25. Blessing of the new chapel at Duraisamypuram on 30.01.2002.

26. We received the patta for the land which was bought at Madhankovilpatti

27. For the chapel on 20.03.2000 on 15th May 2002.

28. Regional superior Fr. Joachim D’Souza visited the house, parish and the school for the extra ordinary visitation on October.3rd and 4th of 2002.

29. Salesian sisters left the mission on 31st May, 2003.

30. Toilet construction for the boarders sponsored by Apis group was blessed and started on 11th June, 2003.

31. The Boarding cum Salesian residence building at Bosco Nagar was started on 7th June, 2003.

32. Drop – outs prevention centre and Semi-boarding were started in July.

 Activities and programme details

1. Year of starting                     : 1993 June 24th.

          2. Head of the institution         : P. Sebastian Jacob

Specific objective of the institution : We exist to form the youth at risk and enhance the faith of the parishners.


S.No Name of the Activity Year of Starting No. of. Beneficiaries Now Expenses Per Year Funded by Govt., Foreign, Province
1 High – School 1993 428 24,00,000 Govt. + Province
2 Boarding (Boys) 1993 82 9,60,000 Province
3 Night Study Centre 2002 312 3,60,000 Province
4 Youth Group 1996 223 4,40,000 Province
5 Dropout Centre 2003 40 7,20,000 Province
6 Prison Ministry 2008 90 3,00,000 Govt. + Province
7 Sunday Ministry 2007 150 80,000 Province

Details of the NGOs


 S.No  Name of the NGO  Name of the Area Covered  Activities  Area / activity Co-operation  Contact Person
 1  Karisal  Vembakottai Union  Education for the deprived community, Empowerment of the women  Fr. Anbarasan
 2  Speech  Alangulam Surroundings  Education for the poor and empowerment of the women  Alangulam

Socio – Economic Profile of Virudhunagar District Statistics Provided the Government of Tamil Nadu


District: VIRUDUNAGAR, State/UT : Tamilnadu

Units Units
Headquarterss VIRUDUNAGAR Total Area 4283.0 Sq. Kms.
Forest Area 259.89 Sq. Kms. Net Sown Area 1862.52 Sq. Kms.
 Occupied House 374.14 ‘000 Net Irrigation Area 560.95 Sq. Kms.
 Total Population 1565.04 ‘000 Total Literates 848.13 ‘000
 Total Male  784.91 ‘000 Total Female 780.13 ‘000
 Urban Population  585.7 ‘000 Rural Population 979.33 ‘000
 Rural Population – Male  489.12 ‘000 Rural Population – Female 490.22 ‘000
 Urban Population – Male  295.8 ‘000 Urban Population – Female 289.91 ‘000
 Total SC Population  288.9 ‘000 Total ST Population 2.98 ‘000
 SC Population – Rural  235.85 ‘000 ST Population – Rural 1.02 ‘000
 SC Population – Urban  53.05 ‘000 ST Population – Urban 1.96 ‘000
 Total Male Literacy  509.64 ‘000 Total Female Literacy 338.49 ‘000
 Rural Literates  466.53 ‘000 Urban Literates 381.59 ‘000
 Rural Literates – Male  291.47 ‘000 Rural Literates – Female 175.06 ‘000
 Urban Literates – Male  218.16 ‘000 Urban Literates – Female 163.43 ‘000
 Rural Male Literacy %  70.02 % Rural Female Literacy % 41.56 %
 Urban Male Literacy %  84.83 % Urban Female Literacy % 64.49 %
 Total Workers (‘000) Male Workers (‘000)

a.1 Goals of the Institution:

Motivating the children in our schools and in the government schools to do better in education and reduce the number of dropouts.

Creating awareness in the school towards social transformation through different groups and movements and clubs.

Giving value based training whenever there is opportunity for the parents especially through PTA meetings.

Training and creating awareness to youth to stand on their feet by creating confidence and hard work.

Giving accommodation and education for the school dropouts.


a.2. Objectives of the Instittution:

To reach the children un-reached and cater formal education.

To prevent the dropouts from schools.

To educate the youngsters to find job, job placement activities and professional coaching.

To educate the young of the social situation and problems.

To educate the young to fight against social and cultural evils like caste system, child labours, T.V, cinema, superstition, etc.

To create awareness and a positive interest among the people and parents to work along with the Salesians.

Fact Points

Prevalence of child labor practices in the area is on the increase.

Steady increase of dropouts from schools.

Lack of opportunity for the youth for skills training.

Poverty and low income in the family.

Low self image among the people of marginalized communities (The Dalits).


Child labor elimination through Dropout prevention and evening study centre for 800 students.

Cultural groups & create awareness on prevention of child labor at 10 villages.

Job opportunity through job placement cells to 100 youth.

Youth camps are organized for 450 youth.

Awareness creation programs for the marginalized people and orient them towards right self image in 10 villages.

The Need

Intensive child labor elimination program through special schools.

Initiate Community college to impart skills training for the youth.

Seminars and workshops to be conducted for the marginalized people to improve the attitude of self dignity.


Don Bosco – Vidivelli

Post Box No.1, Kalavasal

Keela Raja Kularaman (P.O)

Virudunagar (Dt) – 626136,Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 04562 271401

Melanmarainadu Address

St. Antony’s High School

Bosco Nagar Melanmarainadu(Post)

Virudhunagar (Dt) – 626 127.