Reachout to Borstal Schools


Reach out Borstal Schools


To make the youngsters realize the value of life and live it better


  • To let them be aware of the joy of living for the better world.
  • To bring transformation of heart and behavioural change.
  • To prepare them for a better life.
  • To rehabilitate the released prisoners at Tirupur Salesian Community.
  • To collect the data of the prisoners.
  • To help the inmates with reading habit by setting up library.
  • To help the inmates to have a sound physical and mental health by providing them sports materials.


  • Young prisoners in Borstal schools


Don Bosco Missions.
Sträßchensweg 3
D-53113 Bonn, Germany


  • To organize motivational camps for the adolescent offenders at borstal schools with the help of the nearby Salesian communities and the Prison Ministry India Units.
  • To conduct daily meditation for the inmates.
  • To provide value education, counselling, legal guidance, career guidance and talent tapping programmes, for young prisoners in Don Bosco’s way.
  • To contact regional probation and local probation officers.
  • To collect data of the adolescent offenders.
  • To release a booklet “Change Course” with the works of inmates.

Programme Centre(s)

Don Bosco NEST
Muthanampalayam Road (PO)
Nallur, Tiruppur 641 606
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 0421 2219698