Don Bosco Amsam was started in 1985. It provides value based and sound technical training to the youth who are the agents of transformation who will create a more human and a just society. Amsam educates the poor youth and offers formal and non formal education.


  1. Supplementary education for the rural children in the nearby six locations to improve their academic performance.
  2. Industrial Training Institute provides technical training to the rural youth in House wiring, fitter, Motor Mechanism, AC Maintenance and Repair, Welding, and Carpentry.
  3. Boarding facility for the rural youth from distant and remote places.
  4. Spiritual ministry in about eight nearby villaes

Vision of Trichy – AMSAM

We, the Amsam Don Bosco community will create awareness and empower the poor youth of the locality to bring about social transformation, faith formation and integral development in Manikandam union

 Mission of Trichy – AMSAM

  • To educate the marginalized
  • To provide the technical skill to the poor youth of the locality
  • To form good citizens
  • To offer the youth employment opportunity
  • To instill awareness programmes on up liftment of women
  • To create confidence in drop -out students

Details of Conferers






P Augustine Joe V/A/P/Dn



S Emilias Gerald Rubin BA Eng 2

P Pannerselvam Renigo Roy Ap/Ys/Tr



S Plavian Christy PT 2

P Savariannan Susai R/Pp/Cd



S Siluvai Benjamin Hyginus BSc Maths 2

History of Trichy – Amsam

 Name of the institution                                          :       Don Bosco, Amsam

 Year of starting                                                       :       1985

 Name of the location when it was started       :       Bosco Nagar, N. Kuttapattu

 Original purpose of the institution :

        To evangelize the people of the village and to provide technical education to orphans, rural and unemployed youth.

 Original target group :

        1.     The poor of the surrounding village.

2.     The uneducated youth.

 Original scope of the institution :

Through pastoral ministry, to re evangelize the people in faith and morals. To educate the poor boys around with tuition and boarding facility.

 Presentation of institution history :

1985   :      Salesian mission.

1986   :      Don Bosco Boys Home.

1990   :      Mary help of Christians Church.

1991   :      Don Bosco Technical institution.

2001   :      Dominic Savio Illam.

2003   :      Don Zatti.

Profile of Trichy – AMSAM

Name of the society registered          :       Don Bosco Boys Home Society

Year of starting                                       :       1985

Address of the institution                     :       Amsam

                                                                            Bosco Nagar

                                                                            N. Kuttapattu

                                                                            Trichy – 9.

Specific objective of the institution :

  1. To deepen the faith life of our parishioners.
  2. To help the people to encounter through meaningful celebration of various sacraments.
  3. To educate the poor children of this area.
  4. To offer formal and non- formal education to poor youngsters and school drop – outs in view of job placements.
  5. To educate the people and youngsters towards their commitment to the society.

Major occupation of the target area population :

1. Agriculture            2.   Daily Wages

 Ancillary occupation of the target area population :

        1. Milk Supplying

 Geographical details of the area :

Major rivers or lakes :

        1.        Kuttapattu (Lakes)

Major local feast :

  1. Celebrate the Village feast (feast of our lady)

Socio – Economic profile of Trichy – Amsam

Location of the institution        :           Trichy

  District                                          :           Trichy

  Taluk                                              :           Trichy

  Town/City                                      :           Trichy

  Village                                           :           N. Kuttapattu

  Panchayat                                    :           N. Kuttapattu

Geographical area covered by the services of the institution :

                                                Panchayat   –       N. Kuttapattu

Blocks          –       Trichy

Fact Points

            Lack of awareness and poor economic conditions among the youth.

            A lot of school drop outs are found in rural area of Trichy District.

            Women in the villages don’t have proper knowledge of education and its benefits.

            Rural youth don’t have sufficient knowledge of jobs that are available in the urban areas.


            Don Bosco Amsam educates 200 rural youth in formal and non formal trades.

            Social Awareness programs in 5 villages of Trichy are conducted.

            Counseling and guidance is given to 100 poor youth.

            Job opportunities are provided to 75 marginalized youth of Trichy District.

            Women self help groups are functioning in 10 villages around Amsam.

The Need 

Social Awareness program may be started in each Taluk.

New trades should be started (formal and non – formal education).

More women self help groups should be started and new schemes have to be implemented.

Rural youth should be made aware of Jobs and its requirements.

Creation of Job Placement cell and opportunities to larger number of marginalized youth. 

Child labor should be prevented by giving them counseling and guidance.

More number of village animation centers has to be started.





Bosco Nagar

Tiruchirapalli District 620 009

Phone: 0431 2690541