Vision of Don Bosco – Lalgudi
We, the Salesian community of Manakkal Lalgudi dream and are striving towards the alleviation Of poverty and the realization of the wholistic growth of the youth in Lalgudi taluk and it’s neighborhood.
Mission of Don Bosco – Lalgudi
The Salesians of Don Bosco Lalgudi envisage working in a systematic way for the youth and the poor people, to effect education, employment, empowerment and social change in and around Lalgudi taluk through spiritual, educational, technical, economical and psychological interventions.
  1. Don Bosco primary school benefits about 197 rural Dalit children with education up to class 10.
  2. Youth are trained in various technical skills such as, welding, advanced welding, motor mechanism, electrician, etc.
  3. Boarding facility to the trainee youth.
  4. Night school for the poor children as supplementary coaching centre.

 Details of Conferers






S Arockiasamy Michael Arulraj BSc Phy 2

L Arockiadoss Edwin Hm



S Gabriel Kumar Charles PT 1

S Matin Prabhu Prakash BA Eng 3

P Raja Prince V/P/Wn



P Ratnam Noelraj R/Pp/Cd



P Suresh Alexander A/Ap/Tr/Ys



History of Don Bosco – Lalgudi
1.Name of the institution:  Don Bosco, Manakkal, Lalgudi
2.Year of starting: 31st may 1986
3.Name of the location when it was started: Manakkal, Lalgudi.
Original purpose of the institution :
1. To look after the Parish and School.
2. Welfare of R.C.
3. Education.
Original target group:
1. R.C. faithful.
2. Youth People.
Original scope of the institution :
1.    To animate the catholic communities spiritually and to uplift them educationally and socially.
2.   To serve and animate the young people of the locality.
 Presentation of institution history :
1939: Parish.
1951: R.C. Primary School.
1986: Salesians took over the parish (Poovalur & Pinnavasal sub-stations) and the RC school
1989: Non – formal Agro Tech.
1991: Don Bosco Middle School.
1993: Don Bosco Service station.
1994: Don Bosco I.T.I.
1995: New Parish Church built.
1995: Don Bosco High School.
1996: CFCA and DB night school.
1998: Don Bosco I.T.C.
2000: Arrival of the F.S.J. Sisters.
       : DB driving school
       : DB study circle.
2003: DB Boy’s home.
       : Don Bosco Food aid Project. (Akshaya Patra) mid day meals.
2004: Renovation of the Pinnavasal Church.
2006: DB daily Oratory.
       : DB job Placement Cell & Career Guidance.
                 : DB Centenary Computer Centre.
                 : DB Advanced welding shed.
                 : Commencement of Poovalur Churh’s Renovation.
2007: Zatti Illayor Illam (ZIM) formerly DB boy’s home.
                 : New classrooms for DB ITC : Abdul Kalam Block.
Profile of Don Bosco – Lalgudi
1. Name of the society registered : The Lalgudi Don Bosco Society
2. Year of starting                             : 31st May 1986
3. Address of the institution            : Don Bosco Manakkal Lalgudi Trichy – 621 601.
4. Head of the institution                 : Fr.P. Sagaya Francis Pinto
Specific objective of the institution:    
               1.   Look after the Parish.
               2.   Academic and Technical Education.
               3.   Forming the youth population of the area.

Activities and programme details:   

Name of the Activity Year of Starting No. of.
Beneficiaries Now
Expenses per year Funded by Govt., Foreign, Province
1 MHOC Parish 1986 1539 1,07,009.00 Province & Diocese
2 RC primary school 1951 182 4,95,533.00 Government & Province
3 Don Bosco ITC 1998 178 23,58,114.00 Fee collection, program project, government & private scholarships
4 Don Bosco high school 1995 219 7,88,547.40 Province, Government scholarships & Fee collection
5 Don Bosco Study Circle 1996 64 2,000.00 House
6 Zatti Illayor Illam (DB boy’s home) 2003 22 91,818.00 House & fee collection
7 Don Bosco Centenary Computer Centre 2006 100 6,000.00 DB ITC & program project
8 Don Bosco daily Oratory 2006 110 54,987.00 House & Program project
9 DB CFCA 1996 40 2,58,000.00 Province CFCA (KANSAS, USA)
10 Night School 1996 140 31,200.00 CFCA & HOUSE

Details of the Sub Centres  :

Name of the Activity Year of Starting No. of.
Beneficiaries Now
Expenses per year Funded by Govt.,

Foreign, Province

1 Poovalur & Pinnavasal ( night study.) 1996 40 Province CFCA (KANSAS, USA)
2 Poovalur & Pinnavasal Youth Centre 2004 25 House &  Program project

Don Bosco Home staffs:

Name Designation Qualification and Exp. Years of
Exp. Total
Present Post / No. of. Years Temporary/ Permanent Sale Salary/ Consolidated pay
1 Mr. Anthuvan Accountant B. Com 16 16 Permanent  Sale. salary
2 Mrs. Elizabeth Cook 6 6 Temporary Consolidated pay

DB Boarding staff:

Name Designation Qualification and Exp. Years of
Exp. Total
Present Post / No. of. Years Temporary/ Permanent Sale Salary/ Consolidated pay
1 Mrs. Esther Cook 4 4 Temporary Consolidated pay

Socio – Economic Profile of Don Bosco – Lalgudi

Location of the institution :

              District : Trichy

              Taluk : Lalgudi

              Village : Manakkal

              Panchayat : Lalgudi

Geographical area covered by the services of the institution:

               Geographical area in Kms :

Parish         –     5 Kms   Ele. School              –     1 Km

School        –     20 Kms    Night School          –     1 km

ITC            –     35 Kms

Demographic details : 

Caste Religion No. of Families Assets Occupation Status
SC 100%


Hindu, Muslim,

Protestant Sects







Total 306 Land and animals (few)


Government Jobs (teachers, state and central offices, panchayat offices ),Railway, Army







Lower Middle Class and below the Poverty line

Major occupation of the target area population:

1. Agriculture (Coolie) 2. Government Job 3.  Teachers 4. Railways 5. Land Owners

Ancillary occupation of the target area population:

1.  Band groups

Geographical details of the area:

   Major rivers or lakes:

1. PoovalurLake 2. Iyan Vaikkal 3. KoozhiyarRiver

   Major factories:

1. Kothari Sugar Factory  2. Dalmia Cement Factory.

 Major Government departments operating:

1. State Highway  2. GovernmentHospital 3. Statistics Office

  Major local feast:

1. Mary Help of Christians 2. St. Xavier 3. St. Joseph

4. Samayapuram Mariamman festival

5. Anbil. Mariamman festival

Name the major socio, cultural, economic problem faced by the target area:


1.    Liquor & Gukhas (panparag)                       2.   Caste


1.    Instability of work                                      2.   Unwilling to work


1.    Rich culture which was not appreciated or approved.


1.    Other Denominations.

Major local resources that can be tapped:

S. No Name Area Remark
1 Personnel Study/ education High
2 Personnel Art talents/ singing / dancing High
3 DB ITC welding production works medium
4 DB ITC (service station) Servicing of automobiles Above medium

SWOT Analysis of Don Bosco – Lalgudi

No. of Confreres:

           Temporarily professed                                                  :         4

           Perpetually professed                                                   :         3

                             Total                                                                :         7

Socio – Economic Profile of Trichy District Statistics Provided the Government of Tamil Nadu Presented by Vazhikaatti

Area and Population:

i.   Area (Sq. Km.) 4,403.83
ii.  Population 1991 Census 21,96,473
a. Male Population 11,08,016
b. Female Population 10,88,457
c. Rural Population 13,15,869
d. Urban 8,80,604
iii. Density (Sq. Km.) 499
iv.  Literates 13,15,484
v.   Main Workers
a. Total Workers 9,04,857
b. Male Workers 5,72,644
c. Female Workers 3,32,213
d. Rural Workers 6,01,892
e. Urban Workers 3,02,965
f. Cultivators 2,28,497
g. Agri – Labourers 2,84,879
h. Household Industry 27,674
i. Other Workers 3,28,969
vi. Non – Workers 12,91,616

Vital Statistics:

Birth 44,963
Death 14,012
Infant Deaths 26
Birth Rate (Per 1000 Population) 19.3
Death Rate (Per 1000 Population) 7.10
Infant Mortality Rate (Per 1000 Live Births)
Expectation of life at Birth
Male 64.85
Female 65.20

a.1 Goals of the Institution:

  1. To animate the catholic communities spiritually and to uplift them educationally, economically and socially.
  2. To serve and animate the young people of the locality and to make them agents of social transformation.

a.2. Objectives of the Institution:

  1. To empower the young people
  2. To educate and evangelize the people in and around Lalgudi taluk.

Fact Points

Prevalence of skilled unemployment of the youth.

Lack of training opportunity on new advanced technical skills.

No organization for the youth who are employed in the unorganized sector.


Catering to the education of the children at Lalgudi.

ITC for boys and training on certain skills.

Night School for the children from marginalized communities.

The Need

Training Centre to give advanced technical training for the boys.

Impart value added school education.


Don Bosco

25, Manakkal


Trichy – 621 601

Ph: 0431 2541205