07. Pastor Lenssen Polytechnic – KUTHENKULY


Don Bosco Community College started in 1999 at Kuthenkuly. It realizes its vision by creating awareness among the people about technical education. Students are helped to get appropriate job placements, through carrier guidance and networking with other institutions and industrial partner.


We, the Salesians of Pastor Lenssen Polytechnic College at Kuthenkuly (A Don Bosco Institution), envisage a just and peaceful society, with a sustainable livelihood both for the individual and the society by imparting integral technical education and skills training to the coastal and rural poor youth of southern Tamil Nadu.


We will…

  • Impart sound technical education to the coastal and rural poor youth
  • Enable them through moral and ethical formation
  • Ensure employment and job opportunities
  • Empower them through life coping and communication skills
  • Create social awareness through cultural troupe and educate them towards greater social involvement.
  • Provide better study ambient through hostel and other study centres
  • Guide and animate the youth of the neighbourhood through seminars and workshops.


  1. Technical education to the rural poor youth in electrical, communication, civil and mechanical & computer science.
  2. Hostel facilities for boys and girls with a capacity of 280 students.
  3. Job placement assistance to successful students.
  4. Supplementary education to the rural children through evening study centres.

Details of Conferers






P Casimir Raj V/A



S Deniston Vilvaraj DEEE 3

S Dibbagalla Raja Sekhar (INH) DECE 1

S Irudayaraj Arockiaraj PT 1

P Pushpanathan Rajadevan R/Sec: College/PC



P Savio Dominic Dn/Ys



P Vincent Arockia Xavier Wn/Tr



S William Robert PT 2

Fact Points
Most of the rural people in Tirunelveli District live below the poverty line.
Many drop outs are found and they become the child laborers.  
The street children are ever on the increase in Tirunelveli District.
Lack of awareness among the rural people of Tirunelveli causes unemployment and child labor.
Marginalized rural youth don’t get the technical education skill properly.
Lack of awareness of Job opportunities and the skill required.
People migrate to other places in search of jobs.
Don Bosco Kuthenkuly as an institution of excellence aims at improves the economic conditions of 100 coastal and rural poor youth by imparting technical training to them.
150 students are guided through value based seminars and discussion to organize them into vibrant groups that feel part of a movement to create a better society.
Don Bosco Kuthenkuly educates 250 rural youth in the District through the Polytechnic College.
The Need
More number of village animation centres has to be opened.
Social awareness program should be made in each Taluk of Tirunelveli District.
Awareness about the employable skills is to be provided to large number of marginalized youth.
Drop outs should be reduced by the night study.
More and new technical trades should be offered to the coastal and rural poor youth.
Women self help groups have to be started and the rural poor should get the awareness of Job Opportunities.
                Pastor Lenssen Polytechnic
Lenssen Nagar
Kuthenkuly, Radhapuram (TK),
Tirunelveli (Dt), 627 104

Ph: 04637 275365.