Don Bosco Vellaikinar – Pre-noviciate was started in 1984 and has a school. Through this institution a large number of orphans and poor youth get education. Don Bosco Coimbatore aims to build character among youth by providing training in personality development.

Vision of Coimbatore – Vellaikinar


Don Bosco Boys’ Home, Vellakinar envisions in training youngsters to be professional and efficient social workers and agents of social empowerment through formal education and non-formal village exposure programmes to bring positive effects in the lives of rural children and youth around the locality.

Mission of Coimbatore – Vellaikinar 





  1. To provide leadership training for social animation to trainees.
    • To provide social awareness and analysis of social issues for trainees
    • To provide training for group dynamics and form social welfare groups
    • To provide human maturity and sexual education awareness for leaders and beneficiaries
    • To provide social communication for effective social work


  1. Transit school for street children provides accommodation, food, education, and mainstream them in regular schools.
  2. Pre-Novitiate formation of young people and pre-preparation for novitiate.

Details of Conferers






S Antonypitchai Aldon Jibose BCom 1

P Christuraj Mohan Vp/Ys



P Gnanapragasam Benjamin R/Cd/P



P Lourdu Bhakiaraj V/A



S Lourdusamy Januarius BE Civil 2


1. Name of the institution: Don Bosco Pre – Noviciate
2. Year of starting: 1984
3. Name of the location when it was started: Coimbatore – Vellakinar
4. Original purpose of the institution: Train up people, Religious training for brother hood.
         – Professional training for volunteers of social work
         – Providing training programme for both formal and non-formal
5.Original target group: Target group was orphans, boys from far away villages.
6.Original scope of the institution:
1.To train up boys in the religious values
2.Technical training institute
Presentation of institution history : 
1964: Fr. Casthelli
1984: To faricted workshops was put up salesians and boys. Four boys joined sep 15 1964.
11 boys are joined, June was started carpentry and mechanic.
1967: House was closed.
1980: The house was reopened scope to cater for home and children. They give non – formal education.
1980: Boarding was started.
1985: Narshet was started.
1985: Extension work started.
Prenoviciated shifted from Pallithammam.
Profile of Coimbatore
1.  Name of the society registered     :           Coimbatore Don Bosco Society
2.  Year of starting                                 :           1984
3.  Head of the institution                     :
4.  Specific objective of the institution:
          1. Language development.
          2. Training in personal skills, relationship skills.
          3. Group inter action.
          4. Human and psychological growth.
          5. Training to be a good christian and citizen.
SWOT Analysis of Coimbatore
Socio – Economic Profile of Coimbatore District Statistics Provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu
Units Units
Headquarters: COIMBATORE Total Area: 7469.0 Sq. Kms.
Forest Area : 1615.42 Sq. Net Sown Area: 3585.48 Sq. Kms.
Occupied House: 858.57 ‘000 Net Irrigation Area 1420.27 Sq. Kms.
Total Population 3508.37 ‘000 Total Literates 2075.02 ‘000
Total Male 1797.19 ‘000 Total Female 1711.18 ‘000
Urban Population 1844.99 ‘000 Rural Population 1663.38 ‘000
Rural Population – 846.18 ‘000 Rural Population – 817.2 ‘000
Urban Population – 951.01 ‘000 Urban Population – 893.99 ‘000
Total SC Population 575.28 ‘000 Total ST 26.16 ‘000
SC Population – 338.49 ‘000 ST Population – 22.84 ‘000
SC Population – 236.79 ‘000 ST Population – 3.31 ‘000
Total Male Literacy 1225.78 ‘000 Total Female 849.24 ‘000
Rural Literates 813.54 ‘000 Urban Literates 1261.49 ‘000
Rural Literates – 503.27 ‘000 Rural Literates – 310.27 ‘000
Urban Literates – 722.52 ‘000 Urban Literates – 538.97 ‘000
Rural Male Literacy 66.4 % Rural Female 42.36 %
Urban Male Literacy 85.46 % Urban Female 68.09 %
Total Workers (‘000) Male Workers
Description Units District State  India
Relative CMIE Index of Development Index 196.0 135.0 100.0
Population Growth per annum % 1.44 1.4 2.14
Population density(persons / Sq.km) Nos 469.0 429.0 273.0
Urbanization % 52.59 34.15 25.73
Literacy % 66.35 62.66 52.21
Male literacy % 76.45 73.75 64.13
Female literacy % 55.73 51.33 39.29
Urban literacy % 77.06 77.99 73.08
Rural literacy % 54.59 54.59 44.69
Workers as % of total population % 45.13 43.31 37.46
As % of main workers
Agriculture & allied activ. % 44.5 61.51 66.92
Mining & quarrying % 0.14 0.3 0.61
Mfg.(non-household) industries % 23.65 10.51 7.65
Households industries % 2.97 3.52 2.38
Construction workers %
Other services % 25.31 22.01 20.5
Fores area as % of reporting area % 21.56
Net sown area as % of reporting area % 47.86 43.85 46.3
Gross Irri.area as % of reporting area % 40.83 47.51 30.72
Average size of operational holding Hect 2.2 1.01 1.69
Fertiliser consumption per Hect. Kgs. 153.0 124.0 72.0
Value of output of major crops per Rs. 6479.0 6622.0 3576.0
Value of output of major crops per Rs. 809.0 758.0
Per capita food grains production Kgs 50.0 124.0 173.0
Road length per 100 sq.kms Kms 136.03 128.44 60.14
Railway route length per 100 sq.kms Kms 0.0 3.08 2.04
Post offices per lakh population Nos. 0.0 21.57 17.93
TelegrapTelephones per lakh Nos. 0.0 9.91 4.93
Telephones per lakh population Nos. 0.0 1016.0 800.0
Bank branches per lakh population Nos. 9.24 7.82 7.3
Per capita bank deposits Rs. 5294.0 3356.0 3269.0
Per capita bank credit Rs. 5097.0 2925.0 1978.0
Per capita bank credit to agriculture Rs. 397.0 365.0 222.0
Per hectare bank credit to agriculture Rs. 3669.0 2985.0 1046.0
Per capita bank credit to SSI Rs. 1005.0 312.0 185.0
Per capita bank credit to industries Rs. 2630.0 1190.0 705.0

Ahura Welding Electrode Manufactures Ltd. S. F. No. 139 & 144 / 3, Thirumalayampalayam Village Coimbatore Palghat Main Road, Coimbatore.

Production of twisted yarn, M. S. electrodes and special electrodes, Bimetal beings Ltd. 22, Marudamalai Road, Coimbatore – 641018.

Manufacturer: Shell back bearings, bushings and thrust washer. The company markets its products to both the original equipment manufacturers and the replacement market.
















Eigi Equipments Ltd. Private Industrial Estate, Kurichy, Coimbatore, India House, Trichy Road, Coimbatore 641018.
Manufacturer : Air compressors, service station equipments viz. car washing machine, hydraulic hoists, pneumatic horns, power brakes, tyre inflotors. Elgibi Engineering Works Ltd. (Subsidiary of L. G. Balakrishnan & Bros Limited.) Motor House, Trichy Road, Coimatore – 641018.
Manufacturer : Automotive bodies for buses and vans. Automotive and industrial chains and sprockets. Kovilpati Lakshmi Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Sheet Metal Factory : KLRF Sheet Metal Industries, Revianaichanpalanyam, SRK Vidyalaya Post, Coimbatore – 641028.
Manufacturer: Flour, flour milling machinery, design and fabrication of electrical panel boards and cotton spinning. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. Kaniyur Coimbatore – 638659. Arasur, Coimbatore – 641140.
Manufacturer: Spining machinery, weaving machinery, metal cutting including, grinding machines. Premier Instruments and Controls Ltd. Post Box No. 4209, Perinaickenpaiayam, Coimbatore – 641020. Production of dasboard instruments, speedometer cables, textile   control instruments, wind measuring instruments, tuners etc. M/s. Prins General Finance Ltd. is subsidary company. Sriramkrishna Mills (Coimbatore) Ltd. Ganapathy Post, Coimbatore – 641006.
Manufacturer: Quality cotton yarn, blended yarn and VSF yarn for indigenous consumption and export. Siv Industries Ltd. Sirumugai 641302, Distt. coimbatore, Thalaiyuthu, Palani Taluk.
Manufacturer: Rayon yarn, viscose staple, fibre, polynosic staple fibre, wood pulp, sulphuric acid, carbon – di – sulphide, vegetable refined oil, oil / deoiled cakes etc. M/s. Charming Finance Co. Ltd. Siv Magcobar Lignins Ltd., M/s. Mico Farm Chemicals Ltd., M/s. Bhavani Seeds and Agro Products Ltd., M/s. IAEC Boilers Ltd. are the subsidiary companies. SRI Ramkrishna Oxygen Ltd. Karamadi Post, Coimbatore – 641104, Tamil Nadu.
Objects and Activities: Production of oxygen, dissolved acetylene medical oxygen, nitrous oxide gases. The company also doing pipeline work for medical oxygen and nitrous oxide in hospitals. Shanthi Gears Ltd. Kannampalayam, Sulur via, Coimbatore – 641402. Avanashi Road, Muthugoundenputhur (P.O.), Coimbatore – 641402. 304 – A, 304 – F, Trichy Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore – 641005.
Manufacturer: Gear wheels, gear motors and gear boxes. M/s. Shanthi Sales Ltd. is a subsidiary company. Sri. Ramkrishna Mills (Coimbatore) Ltd. Ganapathy Post, Coimbatore – 641006.
Manufacturer: Quality cotton yarn, blended yarn and VSF yarn for indigenous, consumption and export. Siv Industries Ltd. (Formerly South India Viscose ltd.) Sirumugai – 641302, Dist. Coimbatore. Thalaiyuthu, Palani Taluk.
Manufacturer : Rayon yarn, viscose staple fibre, polynosic staple fibre, wood pulp, sulphuric acid, carbon – di – sulphide, vegetable refined oil, oil / deoiled cakes etc. M/s. Charming Finance Co. Ltd., Siv Magcobar Ligning Ltd., M/s. Micorfarm Chemicals Ltd., M/s. Bhavani Seeds and Agro Products Ltd., M/s. I.A.E.C. Boilers Ltd. are the subsidiary companies.
Textool Company Ltd.: Singanallur, Coimbatore – 5. Manufacturer and sale of spinning frames, winders, diesel engines, metal Cutting machines and C. I. castings.
Fact Points
Coimbatore District has a large number of street children and child labour. Children and youth from the villages of coimbatore drop out form the schools. They run away from their homes & villages. Majority of the Industrial area In and around Coimbatore employs the children.
 Don Bosco Vallaikinar educates the rural poor youth and street children.  The street children and child labour are given social awareness. Don Bosco Coimbatore has a slum ministry which is one of the important activity of the Town. Every year awareness is given to the people of 10 slums.
The Need
Rehalilitaion of youth should be done in each taluk of Coimbatore. New Computer and Management courses have to be started. Job opportunities for more number of youth should be created. De-addition centre for the youth should have to be started at Coimbatore.
Don Bosco
Don Bosco Puram
Coimbatore – 641029.

Ph: 0422 2666333.