HIV/AIDS Infected Children at Nilavarapatti, Salem


Comprehensive care centre for HIV/AIDS infected youth in Salem, Tamil Nadu


Self-reliance to HIV/AIDS infected unmarried youth in Salem district


  1. To provide shelter to HIV/AIDS infected and unmarried youth (above 18 years)
  2. To avail medication for HIV/AIDS from government hospitals
  3. To provide medical facilities for the HIV/AIDS infected youth to prevent them from other diseases and to support their own living in having access to basic services.
  4. To provide training to become self-reliant through income-generation through self-employment opportunities.


  1. HIV/AIDS infected and unmarried youth (above 18 years of age), in Salem district


Don Bosco Mondo
Sträßchensweg 3
D-53113 Bonn, Germany


  1. To provide healthy nutrition, psychological, emotional, spiritual social and moral supports
  2. Prevention of further infections
  3. Counselling to patients and to their parents for positive attitude, lead a fulfilled life and free from discrimination
  4. To transform people with HIV/AIDS, to continue as contributing members to their families and communities
  5. To provide facilities for last rites.

Programme Centre(s)

Don Bosco Care Home
Salem 636201
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: +91 97511 00447